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Spiral Facts

Spiral facts

September 30, 2012

Sarah Stilettos

You know that quote that says, “It’s easy, it’s cheap, go out and do it”? Some parts of that are lies, but one part is still excellent advice. Many things are within your reach, certainly; but all the sources I’ve access to have confirmed that some things are by no means cheap, usually before muttering something about debt consolidation and asking me if I’ll buy them a drink.

The 7” single “industry” (why does that word not seem to fit?) consists of an otherwise disparate group of oddballs bound together only by their love of a grand folly. I recently received an email from a label boss friend saying that he can’t wait to put out “a fourteen track one minute song edition”; he just needs £700 first. Let’s look at this logically: you could buy a car for that amount of money. You could travel to the other side of the world. But instead, you want to press up 500 pieces of black plastic, featuring fourteen minutes of sounds that will probably be best described as “conceptual”. With luxury packaging. Who says conspicuous consumerism has taken over?

This is an edited extract of a longer article, which can be found in issue #1 of River’s Edge

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