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Short stories | River's Edge



~ ‘He said I was an animal. That’s what he said.’ I didn’t know if I was upset or not. I might have even been happy about it. I knew one thing: he didn’t want me to be happy about it. But I didn’t care – I was starting to become happy because he...
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‘Ghost Rider/No Fun’

~ Cedar Lewisohn is an artist currently in residency at Beacon in Lincolnshire. He has exhibited all around the world and published art books and fiction. This is one of his short stories.   Vauxhall Bridge Road.  19.24. Slight drizzle in the air. I breathe in the night. The dual-carriageway is busy as usual: cars, trucks,...
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~ Faye Fornasier is editor of Nutshell magazine.   Looking past her notebook and down at the table, fountain pen out, extended like the paw of a pointer in front of a quail, Anna sits examining the grain of the wood, following its lines absentmindedly. Her present thoughts, an article on the Tsunami she was...
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‘The Entertainer’

 ~ Nicola Probert is an artist and film maker. This short story is taken from 17.17, a collection of writing and imagery by Nicola, planned for publication later this year   I walked down into the room and it was crowded. There were already too many people, jammed into this underground room. There were...
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Miscellaneous Culture