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Poetry | River's Edge



~   Richard Tyrone Jones is a comedian and poet. He is director of Utter! Spoken Word and director of spoken word at the Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe. In 2010, he suffered idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, which he describes as a “blood clot inside my heart”. He reflects on this in the following poem.     The ward’s tourniquets sport smiling...
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‘Park-Time Meditations’

~ Mathilde Frot is a French writer and poet, living in London.   You are bad.  I can be a lot worse, boss. Apple crumble. My mind is falling apart. Liquid joy. It’ll pass. You had to have him. And you did. Don’t say ‘Boss’. It’s an ugly affectation. I’ve cheated on all my...
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‘at the rivers edge’

Since 1977, Billy Childish has released over 150 independent LPs, published five novels and over 45 collections of poetry. He considers his “main job” to be painting. He has contributed this poem to issue 2 of the zine version of River’s Edge.     moist eyed of love i held your trembling hand in...
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