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Literature | River's Edge


‘Ghost Rider/No Fun’

~ Cedar Lewisohn is an artist currently in residency at Beacon in Lincolnshire. He has exhibited all around the world and published art books and fiction. This is one of his short stories.   Vauxhall Bridge Road.  19.24. Slight drizzle in the air. I breathe in the night. The dual-carriageway is busy as usual: cars, trucks,...
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~ Faye Fornasier is editor of Nutshell magazine.   Looking past her notebook and down at the table, fountain pen out, extended like the paw of a pointer in front of a quail, Anna sits examining the grain of the wood, following its lines absentmindedly. Her present thoughts, an article on the Tsunami she was...
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~   Richard Tyrone Jones is a comedian and poet. He is director of Utter! Spoken Word and director of spoken word at the Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe. In 2010, he suffered idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, which he describes as a “blood clot inside my heart”. He reflects on this in the following poem.     The ward’s tourniquets sport smiling...
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New Media and James Joyce: the Poetry of Pluralism

~ The prevalent view of the internet as a manifestation of a postmodern world is not often questioned. But could new global media be an extension of the earlier modernist project?   Kenneth Goldsmith, MoMA poet laureate and UbuWeb founder, is also known for his wild conceptual art project, Printing Out the Internet.  In May...
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‘Park-Time Meditations’

~ Mathilde Frot is a French writer and poet, living in London.   You are bad.  I can be a lot worse, boss. Apple crumble. My mind is falling apart. Liquid joy. It’ll pass. You had to have him. And you did. Don’t say ‘Boss’. It’s an ugly affectation. I’ve cheated on all my...
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Home from home: writers abroad

~ In ‘A Moveable Feast’ Hemingway describes his experiences as a young American writer living in Paris. But is there a link between expatriation and creativity?   Often seen as the last golden years of travel, the interwar years witnessed a boom in travel writing. The end of the war meant restrictions on tourism...
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