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Odes to Jez

~ A collection of poems dedicated to Jeremy Corbyn and his politics has been published online.   Poets for Corbyn features 20 writers including Michael Rosen, Pascale Petit, Nicholas Murray and Ian Pindar. It begins with what the publisher described as a “caustic assessment of austerity Britain”, by Tom Pickard. The book is edited...
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Image conscious

~ A century ago, controversial American innovator Ezra Pound set out to revolutionise British culture – via a new form of poetry.   In 1908, Ezra Pound descended on London’s literary establishment like a black cloud. To the reigning poets of the day, then still stuck in the mud of Victorian didacticism and sentimentality,...
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From human to beast: transformations in literature

~ One of the most famous on-screen transformations in film is the first such scene in ‘An American Werewolf in London’.     The film, from 1981, is one of the few to successfully hybridise the genres of comedy and horror and this is effectively exemplified in this set-piece sequence. Bobby Vinton’s ‘Blue Moon’...
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Pen and penury: writers and poverty

~ Worlds of impoverishment, it seems, have ever been portrayed in novels, short stories, plays, memoirs and verse. These depictions, both fictional and otherwise, reveal a fascination with a real danger that always lurks too near for comfort.   F Scott Fitzgerald was determined to become, and remain, fabulously wealthy. Paradoxically he also, for...
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The poet who refuses to fit in

~ Cambridge-based JH Prynne doesn’t give interviews, doesn’t do readings and only publishes through small press companies. Yet he has been described as the UK’s greatest living poet.   It could be argued that JH Prynne fights against any sort of mainstream or conventional aspects to his literary career. The Cambridge-based poet does not...
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Will an illustrated ‘Finnegans Wake’ enlighten readers?

~ James Joyce’s last and – some say mostly impenetrable – novel is being republished in illustrated form. The book has been reimagined by artist John Vernon Lord for the Folio Society.   Joyce, born in Dublin in 1882, moved to Paris in 1902, where he devoted himself to writing. Much of the rest of...
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