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~ ‘He said I was an animal. That’s what he said.’ I didn’t know if I was upset or not. I might have even been happy about it. I knew one thing: he didn’t want me to be happy about it. But I didn’t care – I was starting to become happy because he...
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Hatcham Social takeover: two poems by Crocodiles

~ HS: “Crocodiles are one of our favourite bands. We went on tour with them earlier in the year – and our David plays with them too. Here are poems by the two members.”   ~ 6 Train Love Story   He lays across the plastic like the curl of a fetid wave, puffed fingers,...
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Hatcham Social takeover: David Claxton poem

DC: “I wrote this poem on Saturday the 14th November as a reaction to what had happened the day before. It didn’t happen to me, but obviously many of us feel various things when shocking events happen so close to people that we know and love. And it isn’t that I don’t care about all of...
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Hatcham Social takeover: ‘Referrals and Letters’

~ HS: “Amy Studt is one of the most talented and sublime singers and songwriters. She has been on top of the pops, had a number one in America and has written probably the most beautiful, strange and intelligent records you will ever hear ­­ – when you get to hear it. Amy sang backing vocals...
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Hatcham Social takeover: Chris Petrie

~ HS: “Chris is a very focused writer and these poems show a real attention to detail. I was really pleased when she said she could give us some poetry. I think she shows a real timeless poetic understanding, but she writes with a contemporary voice. Here are two of her poems.”    The Siliconcoated Tent...
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Odes to Jez

~ A collection of poems dedicated to Jeremy Corbyn and his politics has been published online.   Poets for Corbyn features 20 writers including Michael Rosen, Pascale Petit, Nicholas Murray and Ian Pindar. It begins with what the publisher described as a “caustic assessment of austerity Britain”, by Tom Pickard. The book is edited...
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