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Hatcham Social: why we wanted to take over River's Edge | River's Edge

Why we wanted to take over River’s Edge

November 16, 2015

Toby Kidd


A few months ago we got asked to curate/guest edit/take over/mess-up River’s Edge for a week. We said ‘yes!’


It seemed like a fun idea (and it has been). So we got our thinking caps on and planned out the kind of week we wanted to take you on.

So what is important in a week of a 12112479_10153576507670280_6436814393870986966_n-2cultural and arts magazine? What kind of content? Who should we ask?

These are the questions we asked ourselves. Our answers turned into some basic guidelines to run with.

First, we would have multiple types of content, images, video, and written pieces – well, anything really the point being that the content should all be mixed-up.

Second, we wanted to keep the number of pieces down so that it was concise and people could digest the whole thing (the old quality over quantity); and lastly it would cover different areas of interest we have: post-punk, contemporary art, poetry…

So what have we ended up with? You can look forward to a week with some artworks and book excerpt from producer and artist Gordon Raphael, a piece exploring the personal impact of Camera Obscura, illustrations previewing a lyric narrative book we are putting together for next year, poetry from, among others, Brandon of Crocodiles, and a film piece by film­-maker Oliver Guy Watkins (who you may remember we have collaborated on a few films before).

There were a couple of pieces we wanted but which did not get done on time. In particular, a piece about modernism and science fiction. But you cannot win them all; we are sure River’s Edge will be able to publish the best of the missed ones later anyway.

There are some other little surprises we will bring in to make it even more special. Basically we are pretty excited about sharing this with you and hope you enjoy the week of us curating our favourite cultural journal.


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