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Hatcham Social: 'To the Moon'

Hatcham Social: ‘To the Moon (Is This the Way Man Will Survive)’

November 3, 2014


In the third of an exclusive preview series, Hatcham Social release their self-made art movie for ‘To the Moon (Is This the Way Man Will Survive)’. Each of the six films the band have made to accompany their new album will be published on River’s Edge – one per week, with commentaries from band members.


Toby Kidd, the band’s frontman, talks about the song and film:

“The song is about leaving the earth to survive from the world we have destroyed, to a new hope on the moon. It is a recurring theme in my songwriting, and it has really become a central idea for all of us on our writing for the next record. There is an odd contradiction in the way I feel about space: both a fear of the infinite that my brain struggles to except, and a love of the escape from the ‘hell is other people’ of earth and its highly populated lands.

“There is a Robert Frost poem called ‘Some Science Fiction’ that talks about not wanting to be part of this fast paced modern world (written in 1962 I believe – a far cry from the interconnected buzzfeed style life of today), and wanting some peace. He talks about being sent out to somewhere ‘to try one wastrel first’  because he does not fit in. But there is some freedom and hope in this. Going to space does not just mean faster more complex lives; it can also offer a way for more introspective, humane, quiet simplicity.

“Imagine taking the journey you see in the video with someone you love. Imagine. Staring out into the blue. Making love up on the moon.”




‘To The Moon (Is This The Way Man Will Survive)’ lyrics


He, who forgets his sins, repeats them forever; incessantly

And she all through the night, watching satellites, saying: ‘That is where we’ll be’

To make the journey’s all we have to die like this would be too sad

Into the starry night


And I, I will be with you, we’ll be together: floating up to the moon

We’ll document it with our eyes, we can go in disguise: while our bodies are in full bloom

To make the journey’s all we have, to die like this would be too sad

Into the starry night


We are going to the moon

Will you come and visit soon

This is the way man will survive

Reading magazines ‘pon Lunar Five


Into the starry night

We are going to the moon

Will you come and visit soon

This is the way Man will survive

Reading magazines ‘pon Saturn Five

Is this the way we will survive

Floating around all of our lives

Making love up on the moon

Looking out into the blue


View all the new Hatcham Social films here.

Cutting Up the Present Leaks Out the Future is out now on O Genesis Records.




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