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Hatcham Social takeover: two poems by Crocodiles | River's Edge

Hatcham Social takeover: two poems by Crocodiles

November 22, 2015



HS: “Crocodiles are one of our favourite bands. We went on tour with them earlier in the year – and our┬áDavid plays with them too. Here are poems by the two members.”



6 Train Love Story


He lays across the plastic

like the curl of a fetid wave,Crocodiles2

puffed fingers,

neon-pink and scabrous,

making random stabs at nothing;

snore struggles against throat,

bubbles like a lawnmower in a spiderweb;


Black-Galaxy eyes him,

replete with private novas

glowing with nebulous overtone

but absent of ruinous intent

a man who was nervously

with his loaded calves

milk-eyes shooting dangerously around

him hovering like a delicate cough

and his estranges shadow


his black plastic bags fuel

and she with a

face like a shattered bottle,

performs angelic surgery

on an emaciated boyfriend

whose skin hangs pathetically off ribs;


In fantasy he turns on her

pushes her face tight against glass,

breath clouding view,

dirty clumps of hair protruding from between his fingers,

and bashes her repeatedly into silence.


Brandon Welchez




You Married An Alien


My love for you

was ill conceived,


You gave me a space job

that I will not soon forget.


I said

“I love you,” as my penis swelled

and started to cry all over

the stratosphere,


And for years I anticipated

an earthly reply,


Until one apocalypse evening

brandishing bones

to blanket me

she said,


“Hey Spaceman,

Alien Babes sure do leave you

feeling supernova.”


Charles Rowell




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