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Hatcham Social takeover: Matthew Maria Davies | River's Edge

Hatcham Social takeover: Matthew Maria Davies

November 22, 2015

Matthew Maria Davies


HS: “Matthew Maria Davies is an American film ­maker and photographer, with a particular interest in documentary film. We have recently started collaborating on a short documentary about the Aldgate Bauhaus Cass School of Art being pushed out of its 100 year home of Whitechapel by the insurgent glass and metal tsunami of new builds. We wanted to show this photo series he took documenting people he met on his travels.”


Matthew Davies says: “Portrait photography is a great way of interacting with local populations. The classic idea of photography as the moment of interaction between the artist and subject becomes heightened when the only form of communication is non­verbal due to a language barrier. The process of taking the photograph allowed the subject and I a moment we both understood. I don’t take candid photos for this reason. Rather than being a silent, strange observer, I was invited into houses, bought beers and experienced a bit of a life that is drastically different from my own. Whether in the Sahel in Senegal, back alleys of Bangkok or the countryside of Spain, this past year has given me a window into old styles of life and new places.

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