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Hatcham Social: 'All That I See Is A Gun'

Hatcham Social: ‘All That I See Is A Gun’

November 10, 2014


In the fourth of an exclusive preview series, Hatcham Social release their self-made art movie for ‘All That I See Is A Gun’. Each of the six films the band have made to accompany their new album will be published on River’s Edge – one per week, with commentaries from band members.


The film consists of a hand with an eye drawn on it, slowly opening and closing. Finn Kidd, the band’s drummer, explains: “I made this one as a kind of homage to The Blood Of A Poet by Jean Cocteau. I like the stark singular image of the hand flowing through different states that reflect the aggression and immediacy of the song.”




‘All That I See Is A Gun’ lyrics


Speeding through my heart-beat

An elephant could kill me

Naivety has caught the Sun

All that I see is a gun

Oh Lord won’t you help me out

A heart like mine could be devout

And I can’t help what just begun

All that I see is a gun

All that I see is a gun

Mary said to Annabell

I know a secret you can’t tell

Follow me inside my fun

All that I see is a gun

All that I see is a gun

All that I see is a gun



View all the new Hatcham Social films here.

Cutting Up the Present Leaks Out the Future is out now on O Genesis Records.




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