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Hatcham Social: 'All in the Moscow'

Hatcham Social: ‘All in the Moscow’

October 27, 2014


In the second of an exclusive preview series, Hatcham Social release their self-made art movie for ‘All in the Moscow’. Each of the six films the band have made to accompany their new album will be published on River’s Edge – one per week, with commentaries from band members.


David Claxton, the band’s lead guitarist, introduces the film: “‘The video aims to illustrate how cartoon behaviour devastates those that it touches, but also those who are able to see it from afar. Nowhere was this more prominent at the time of the video’s making, than Russia.”




‘All in the Moscow’ lyrics


(poem by Anna Akhmatova and based mainly on the translation by Yevgeny Bonver)


All in the Moscow is flooded with the verses

Pierced through with awful spears of the rhymes

Let we abide with them on different courses

Let the fools silence crowns over us

Let the muteness would be the secret symbol, of them with you

Though always seemed – with me

But you unite self in marriage, single

With virgin silence bitterest to be

That one that eats the granite under control

And makes the future circle wholly filled

And, in the night, suppressing loud sound

Predicts your perish with your own ear



View all the new Hatcham Social films here.

Cutting Up the Present Leaks Out the Future is out now on O Genesis Records.




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