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Deedee cheriel show draws on punk rock to explore identity | River's Edge

Riot of colour

July 13, 2015


A new exhibition draws from punk rock, feminism, and Indian folklore to explore issues of identity.


Artist Deedee Cheriel‘s work comprises narratives based in identity and mythology.  Originally from India, Cheriel’s Natural Resource paintings explore figuration, colour and textures, while capturing moments in time.

Water, fire, stone, air, and lush gardens contextualize the mythologies that are present in paintings such as Dark Night Soliloquy. 

'Dark Night Soliloquy' by Deedee Cheriel. 48" x 64". Acrylic and Mixed Media on Wood Panel.

‘Dark Night Soliloquy’ by Deedee Cheriel. 48″ x 64″. Acrylic and Mixed Media on Wood Panel.

Cheriel addresses and is influenced by the traditions of western painting. Maternal bird-women clinging to their offspring express contemporary and evocative historical depictions of religious images, such as madonna and child.

Natural Resource is a collection of vibrant, emotive, and otherworldly new pieces by the painter.

Cheriel entered the art world as a teenager, designing T-shirts and record covers for the Oregon music scene of the early 1990s.

By the age of 19, she had played in several all-girl bands (Juned, Adickdid, The Teenangels, The Hindi Guns), founded her own record label, and co-created the semi-autobiographical film Down and Out with the Dolls.

She has lived and exhibited in many countries, including Denmark, Honduras, Chile, England, Portugal, Spain, and India.

Now based in Los Angeles, Cheriel’s work is rooted in her interest in nature and keen observations on interpersonal relationships.

The new exhibition is at KP Projects/MKG gallery in Los Angeles. More details here.




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