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A different story: memories of Subway Sect

~ Looking back at the punk innovators, over the years. When I was about 15 and first getting into new wave and punk rock, I used to read every single piece written about it I could find it in the music press. When these movements became more popular, the bands started coming to play...
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  Still getting screwed by the man? Feel your values are all wrong? Here are some books that may provide a way to avoid all that…   There has been a glut of books which brag and proselytize on how it is possible to reduce one’s working week. These books invariably describe the author’s...
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Spiral facts

You know that quote that says, “It’s easy, it’s cheap, go out and do it”? Some parts of that are lies, but one part is still excellent advice. Many things are within your reach, certainly; but all the sources I’ve access to have confirmed that some things are by no means cheap, usually before...
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A new career in a new town: Bowie and Iggy in Berlin

 ~ “So there’s Bowie and Iggy, and they’re doing some recording together. And they’ve ‘called in’ some girls.” There’s a short silence as our German driver-cum-tourguide gauges the potential fallout of what he may or may not be about to play to us. He stops the DVD interview we’re all watching, momentarily. Then starts...
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