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Exclusive: entire set of new Hatcham Social videos

~ The band releases the series of shorts as ‘experimental extensions of the songs’. Each of the six art films will be published on River’s Edge every week, starting next Monday, with exclusive commentaries from the band.   Cult east London art-popsters Hatcham Social have created a series of video shorts to accompany songs from their most recent critically-acclaimed...
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New Media and James Joyce: the Poetry of Pluralism

~ The prevalent view of the internet as a manifestation of a postmodern world is not often questioned. But could new global media be an extension of the earlier modernist project?   Kenneth Goldsmith, MoMA poet laureate and UbuWeb founder, is also known for his wild conceptual art project, Printing Out the Internet.  In May...
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Putting the ‘grrr’ into girl

~ Riot grrrl is still relevant, says the former Violet Violet singer – and now ‘The Girls Are…’ editor ~  2013 was one hell of a year for feminism. The ideology of the movement may have been lost in the ladette years of the noughties – the Fratellis/Franz riff chanted across festival fields everywhere...
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Home from home: writers abroad

~ In ‘A Moveable Feast’ Hemingway describes his experiences as a young American writer living in Paris. But is there a link between expatriation and creativity?   Often seen as the last golden years of travel, the interwar years witnessed a boom in travel writing. The end of the war meant restrictions on tourism...
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Myths and legends: why Morrissey is right about industry conventions

~ ‘I need advice! I need advice!’ goes The Smiths’ ‘Miserable Lie’. In life, though, the band’s frontman largely ignored it and, it would seem, was quite right to do so.   Everyone’s reading it. Of course they are. The Smiths have come to be the lynchpin of indie culture; the definitive foundation from...
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Ever been called a Luddite?

Perhaps you should take it as a compliment. Far from being lughead ignoramuses, this group of upstarts had genuine grievances about changes to their lives and work   The appellation “luddite” is, almost without exception, used in a derogatory manner. Just recently, Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister, accused his Tory frenemies of being...
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