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Billy Childish: at the rivers edge

‘at the rivers edge’

September 14, 2013


Since 1977, Billy Childish has released over 150 independent LPs, publishedbillychildishcat five novels and over 45 collections of poetry. He considers his “main job” to be painting. He has contributed this poem to issue 2 of the zine version of River’s Edge.



moist eyed of love

i held your trembling hand

in mine

and we walked down

to the rivers edge

you slim hipped and


you wore my beret

and puffed on my pipe


and then at our feet

2 fathoms down

we saw 6 perch

dark hunters of the

rivers nite

sleek tiger-flanked

holding hawk-lik in the

kick of the 4 knot current


and it was as if that

moment had always been so

a secret waiting to be


formed on the lips

living in blud

already known


and as i resurrect that

moment of our harts

that blud returns to

haunt me

as it has done a

thousand nites since


and always i hold you

in that bright sun

and always i kiss you

in that air mountain cold


Billy Childish


From the collection Hunger at the Moon(Sympathetic Press, 1993).


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