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Art | River's Edge


Hatcham Social takeover: Matthew Maria Davies

~ HS: “Matthew Maria Davies is an American film ­maker and photographer, with a particular interest in documentary film. We have recently started collaborating on a short documentary about the Aldgate Bauhaus Cass School of Art being pushed out of its 100 year home of Whitechapel by the insurgent glass and metal tsunami of new builds. We wanted...
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Hatcham Social takeover: Gordon Raphael

~ HS: “Gordon is a really interesting producer who always strives to do something exciting and different. He introduced us to the German producer Moses Schneider whose techniques have been a real influence on our studio work. We love Gordon’s work with The Strokes and Regina Spektor, and his own music and art, so we wanted to...
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Riot of colour

~ A new exhibition draws from punk rock, feminism, and Indian folklore to explore issues of identity.   Artist Deedee Cheriel‘s work comprises narratives based in identity and mythology.  Originally from India, Cheriel’s Natural Resource paintings explore figuration, colour and textures, while capturing moments in time. Water, fire, stone, air, and lush gardens contextualize...
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Will an illustrated ‘Finnegans Wake’ enlighten readers?

~ James Joyce’s last and – some say mostly impenetrable – novel is being republished in illustrated form. The book has been reimagined by artist John Vernon Lord for the Folio Society.   Joyce, born in Dublin in 1882, moved to Paris in 1902, where he devoted himself to writing. Much of the rest of...
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Gaudier-Brzeska and the energy of vorticism

~ Henri Gaudier-Brzeska was at the centre of the movement and in some ways came to represent it, living an equally short existence and producing era-defining art.   The term “vorticism” was first used by Ezra Pound to describe the cutting edge nature of the pre-first world war London art scene. Blast’s editor, Wyndham...
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Cedar Lewisohn: Plywood Transmission

The artist talks through his published collection of drawings before his new show opened in London.   Cedar Lewisohn is an artist and curator. He has recently been working on a series of public art works for the waterways of east London. In 2013 he organised The Hecklers, a large scale group exhibition for The New Art Gallery...
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