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August 2015 - River's Edge | River's Edge

Monthly Archives: August 2015

Image conscious

~ A century ago, controversial American innovator Ezra Pound set out to revolutionise British culture – via a new form of poetry.   In 1908, Ezra Pound descended on London’s literary establishment like a black cloud. To the reigning poets of the day, then still stuck in the mud of Victorian didacticism and sentimentality,...
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‘Edge Rows’

~ Cardinal Cox has been writing and publishing poetry in the small press for over 25 years.   He has worked as poet-in-residence of a local cemetery and in the civil service. His poetry performances are legendary in and around his fenland base. He has contributed to a series of Lovecraftian pamphlets, including Codex Lilith (2014), the 99th in the series,...
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From human to beast: transformations in literature

~ One of the most famous on-screen transformations in film is the first such scene in ‘An American Werewolf in London’.     The film, from 1981, is one of the few to successfully hybridise the genres of comedy and horror and this is effectively exemplified in this set-piece sequence. Bobby Vinton’s ‘Blue Moon’...
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Cecelia Condit: ‘I have always explored the eerie, dark side of human nature’

~ The inspirational and convention-defying film-maker and artist talks about her creative process, being David Lynch’s college buddy and cannibalism.    Cecelia Condit is a boundary-pushing artist who has been creating experimental, poetic films since the early 1980s. She creates contemporary fairy tales in video, installation and photography. She has received grants from the...
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Miscellaneous Culture